Business and seminar interpreters


Courtesie provides linguistic and cultural support in business relations. Our experienced interpreters are available 24/7 for you on location, by phone or by Skype! All assignments and correspondence are subject to non-disclosure agreements between Courtesie and its clients.

Business and seminar interpreting services

Business and seminar interpreting
When it comes to the implementation of international business plans – such as introducing new products, entering foreign markets, or setting up joint ventures or foreign branches – face-to-face contact in developing key relationships with your local partner is crucial. On-site meetings in a foreign country, along with knowledge of local business customs, are essential if you want to achieve your objectives effectively, efficiently and on schedule. Our multilingual, business interpreters are equipped with exceptional command of the necessary languages and are knowledgeable and experienced in your subject area (e.g. business economics with a ‘matchmaking’ cultural background). They prepare you in advance, with intercultural briefings on meet-and-greet protocols, tips and dos and don’ts. We see your success as our success, so we help you to bring meetings to constructive conclusions and may suggest useful follow-up schedules to continue to build your business relationships to the next level.

Legal interpreting services

Legal interpretingWe provide legal interpreting services during court hearings and contract negotiations. Legal advice with regard to local regulations, knowledge and experience of intercultural differences. We arrange legal translators or interpreters to meet your requirements for a project or even for a few hours.

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