Business support

Courtesie Business Support

During a short stay in a foreign country you may need support from a local assistant who also speaks your native language. Our multilingual office managers and executive assistants will coordinate your diary and plan your appointments, transport and accommodation, as required. Our PAs are available at your convenience, work according to your schedule and are committed to providing a professional level of service and support.

Logistics, transportation and bookings

  • General logistic arrangements: if you need a pick-up or drop-off from the airport or transfers to your meetings, then we can provide these entirely in your own language!
  • Travel and cultural guidance: we take care of your flight bookings, transportation and sightseeing trips.
  • 24/7 phone service in your own language during your meetings and trade shows

Temporary office assistance

Temporary office assistance

During your business trip and short stay, our native-speaker assistants will prepare you, in advance, with intercultural briefings and help you schedule meetings and day programs – always in close consultation with you, your accompanying party and your own personal assistant.

Accommodation and restaurants

Accommodation and restaurants

Together with our clients we have built up a broad choice of reliable, upscale accommodation options, for you and your business partners. Our list ranges from authentic, medieval castles, abbeys and country mansions to historic hotels.

Business gifts

Business gifts and complementary items

In the right circumstances, business gifts are an invaluable way to express your awareness of the cultural heritage and customs of your foreign counterpart. This form of courtesy will create mutual understanding and, above all, the right setting for business.

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