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Quick Fix Language Training

Become more professional and more effective – in one day

Businesses work in an increasingly international environment. Communicating with partners in other countries and dealing with different cultures has become a matter of course. English is often the language of choice in this context – also by non-native speakers. Courtesie offers language training for every business with a need in this area.

Do you want to be well prepared, with a better command of international English? But you can’t afford the time for a course that takes weeks? Register for our one-day English course – for immediate improvement of your on-the-job performance.

Jason volgde de Quick Fix English course bij Courtesie Country Manager Jason speaks English with his (non-)native speaking clients. He makes some classic language errors and has difficulty finding the correct business terms. Thanks to our course, he is now more self-confident and can communicate and discuss issues more professionally.

Do you want to refresh your English and, like Jason, feel more confident navigating commercial issues at work?

The following subjects are covered in our one-day training course:

  • Business language in meetings and presentations
  • Rules of pronunciations: the 5 major points
  • Present and past tenses
  • Sayings & pitfalls
  • US and UK English: the differences

Get practical information on the training courses here. Group size is limited to 10 persons, to allow for a personal approach. In the event of additional applications, a second group may be started.
*Groups may also opt for in-company training.

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Language Training in Financial English

Ferdinand schrijft zich in voor de Financial English course bij CourtesieA Finance & Control Manager, Ferdinand, wants to professionalise his English financial terminology. His sector uses specific financial terms and expressions, which he wants to master in order to compose better reports and perform better during meetings.

Like Ferdinand, do you want to improve your knowledge of English financial terminology?

The two-day language training course consists of:

  • Planning & Control (budgeting, forecasting)
  • Management reports
  • Profit and loss accounts
  • Annual reports
  • Aspects of risk management
  • Communication: using the correct tone (in telephone conversations, meetings, presentations)

Get practical information on the training courses here.

Language Training in Legal English

Lieneke schrijft zich in voor de Legal English course bij Courtesie

For her job as a lawyer in labour and business law, Lieneke wants to be more skilled in legal communication. Her clients come from a variety of backgrounds and industries. She wants to be able to better represent the interests of her clients in the English language.

Just as Lieneke, do you want to make a more professional impression by using correct language?

Content of this two-day language training course:

  • Client contact: taking the brief, giving advice, role play with claimant and/or defendant
  • Contract: including agreements, general terms and conditions and employment contracts
  • Property law: intellectual ownership and fixed property
  • Aspects of criminal law
  • Communication: using the correct tone (telephone conversations, meetings, presentations)

Get practical information on the training courses here.

Foreign Language Modules

Are you only interested in giving presentations clearly and effectively? Or in leading a plenary session? Courtesie can also help you deal confidently with individual, more narrowly defined subjects. Get practical information on the training courses here.
Courtesie only uses CRKBO recognised instructors.

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