Specialist translations

Specialist translations


Legal translation and interpretation services

Legal translations and interpretingIt is mandatory to have documentation involved in legal processes that need translating and checking by certified translators. During negotiations or talks, the other party’s language or cultural background should not be a barrier but an opportunity! We translate agreements, contracts, deeds, general terms and conditions, letters of credit, powers of attorney, articles of association and more. It is often necessary to have a certified legal translator present to limit liability and risk during negotiations and litigation.

Legal interpreting services
We also offer legal interpreting services during court hearings and contract negotiations, legal advice as regards local regulations and knowledge and experience of intercultural differences. We can arrange a legal translator or interpreter to meet your requirements – for a long-term project or even for a few hours.

Well-established expertise

Our translators have well-established expertise in translations of specialist texts such as financial, marketing and sales, legal, technical and medical documents and deliver precisely to your requirements, taking account of your style, culture, specialist terminology and professional jargon. All of our translations are reviewed by a second expert and all assignments and correspondence are subject to non-disclosure agreements between Courtesie and its clients.

Technical translations

Technical translationsTechnical terminology can be extremely complex. Our technical translators have in-depth knowledge of fields like mechanical engineering, construction, oil & gas, software and many other fields. Each translator has his or her own specialisation. Doing business with a foreign supplier and the import and export of products may require accurate, reliable and professional translation of manuals, product descriptions or labels into the local language. Any language combination is possible, from very short texts to large volumes.

Financial translations

Financial translationsEvery organisation, institution, company and country has to deal with financial matters. When doing business with foreign parties, financial documents must be accessible to each party – in the reference language. Financial texts contain many special terms, while topics can vary significantly – from accounting and sales reports to economics or demographics. Our financial experts are experienced in translating credit proposals, financial statements, reports and institutional documents into any language!

Medical translations

Medical translationsFrom documenting medical breakthroughs to the requirements for approved pharmaceutical texts, the multifaceted medical and pharmaceutical world is changing and developing rapidly. In-depth knowledge is a necessity. Our medical translators are specialised in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. We are well-versed in topics such as cardiology, oncology, orthopaedics, tropical medicine, gynaecology and other specialisms. We can provide you with high-quality medical and pharmaceutical translations in any language.

Marketing, sales and creative translations

Marketing sales and creative translationsBooks, brochures, flyers, websites, presentations, press releases, invitations or slogans – marketing, sales and creative translating in general presents many challenges. Besides the linguistic aspect, the creative translator also has to take style, corporate terminology and target audience into account. And the text must grab the reader’s attention. The content has to be similar to the ‘source’ text – while the appropriate ‘target’ words and expressions may vary between different languages. Our creative translators therefore like to play with words in order to produce the most accurate translation that effectively communicates with our client’s target audience.

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